Concordia University


IEEE Concordia is one of Concordia’s ECA undergraduate engineering societies. The club caters to electrical projects and tutoring as well as offers exciting competitions and networking events. The branch is extremely involved in advancing research, projects and assisting other student organizations at Concordia.

The Executive Team:

  • Branch Chair
  • Branch Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director of Academics
  • Director of Lab Services
  • Director of Projects
  • Director of Competitions
  • Director of Social Activities
  • Director of IT Services
  • Director of Marketing



Phone:         514-848-2424 ext.5446


McNaughton Centre and Library

Since 1988, Concordia University has been home to a McNaughton Research Centre. The lab is open weekly with students serving office hours to help tutor or work on projects.


Tutorial, Competitions & Events

  • Arduino Tutorial (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Raspberry Pi Tutorial
  • Soldering Workshop
  • PCB Design Tutorial
  • PSU Tutorial
  • Analog Tutorial
  • Robot Tutorial


  • RoboWars Sumo-bot Competition
  • Hardware Competition
  • Xtreme 24h Programming Challenge
  • Smoked Meat Luncheon
  • Zymology
  • Desjardin Banking Conferences